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Radio shooooooow!

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So our radio show is finished!

We were Micro radio. Our mascot was Willi the Hydrothermal worm and we told really bad science jokes. The thought behind it really was that two of us are bio majors and then Effie and I, we sort of dragged Samirah along with us. Because we all have such wonky schedules we communicated mostly on FB, Twitter and text message. We did all but a little bit of our recording all at the same time in the recording studio. I tried doing some at home but unfortunately my mics sound echo-y and like there is a toilet flushing in the background. I think we had some pretty good fun all things considered. There were a few times where we all seemed confused as to what we were doing but it all ended up working out in the end.

Specifically the work I did related to coming up with the idea, having a beginning script written out, recording the part of Rosiland F (Rosey to you), editing to the second version of the show and then making up the poster.

We all brainstormed really well together and ended up with a show that is at the very least, funny to us.

Stephanie, Samirah, Effie

Radio Show Name: Micro-Radio

STARRING: Stephanie, Samirah, Effie

@SirCornelius, @travel2write4u, @efiemj

Bumper 1:

Bumper 2:

Commercial 1:

Commercial 2:


Entire Show (1st draft):

Entire Show (2nd draft):

Entire Show (FINAL):

Documentary/Extras Reel:

Poster (preview):


Blog Posts:

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