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Radio Show Recap

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Doing the radio show has been the most challenging assignment thus far not only because I had never really worked with sound before but also because it was a group project. Working with sound was always a learning process – that I was in a constant process of figuring out and trying new things. What I ended up with is a new found respect for sound editing because it really is an art that takes time and effort. Sound is so impact full and until you work with it cant truly understand how important it is. Our show, The Live Outdoors, was a nature based show so inserting background noises was crucial to capturing the setting we were supposed to be in. For my portion of the show which was Bear Grylls Q&A segment I had to extract clips from his show into audacity then edit them down to the short sound parts that I needed. After I got about 5 or so varying sound clips of Bear I then imposed my voice talking around the answers. It was a fun project but also very tedious as well. I really enjoyed the segments from everyone else in my group, they were equally as interesting using a variety of sounds and radio techniques that pull the listener in. The group dynamic also had its ups and downs. Honestly without the input from my group the show would not have been nearly as creative or well though out. We were able to bounce ideas off one another and give feedback that was really helpful in producing the final project. However, group work does come with shared responsibility that may have not fallen evenly amongst the group. At times it was frustrating when a deadline was agreed on and then wasn’t followed through, causing a headache for everyone else. It was an uneasy feeling knowing my grade was partially in the hands of someone who didn’t really care at all. Besides that aspect this experience was definitely a great learning one. I learned the ins and outs of radio editing which was all new and interesting to me. I don’t think I am suited for a future in radio but I definitely enjoyed my time working on the project and took away some unique skills.

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