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The Daily Create – Next Couple of weeks (lost count)

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Take a photo of your favorite color – Tdc47

Blue !!!!!

This shows my favorite color and me as well while my sisters poking my eye lol

Take a picture showing your favorite type of weather-


Summer Nights <3

This is one of those sunny nights type of weather, when you could hang out till late and the sky is filled with colors.

Take a picture of your favorite smell – Tdc50

My Perfume <3 LOVE IT!

This perfume is called Japanese Cherry Blossom ; i absolutely love the smell of it.

ITS FEBRUARY 29 , take a leap picture – Tdc52

Photo on 3-1-12 at 10.06 PM

This is my cousin trying to leap , me and her both tried and failed miserably sooo …. we made a video lol
The song just went with the tune of the whole thing and was fun to make…

Captioning a Alternate World in a photo – TDC057

Another world ....

This came out really different although the light is smudged and all i like how it came out , this was taken while i was walking home lol.

Take a Photo and switch the colors of the two items –



This is a picture of my mac book air , i liked how this gave it a old feeling to it because its such a new product.

Draw or digitally design a circle stating how you feel

today – TDC60


Today i felt like a child , as well as feeling so much emotions which state the colors painted inside this circle.

Make a video of you writing a line of a movie in your best handwriting – TDC61

This line is from the movie No Strings Attached … The line in the movie that i wrote is the scientific term to say “you make my heart skip a beat”, i decided to choose this movie because it brings so many memories.

Take a picture of something inside out – TDC62


This came out looking pretty cool since the colors all meshed and went onto the paper, i thought it would look cool taking something looking like this since it was for the daily create.

Take a picture of a religious architecture – TDC63


This is a side view of the church i go to with so many trees and leaves. In the spring it becomes to have so much color and a good vibrant vibe.

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