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Analyzing Kill Bill

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Well for this assignment I decided to go with Kill Bill because not only is it one of my favorite movies but it is kinda in its own genre. Directed by Quinten Tarantino is reason enough if you seen any of his films they are so off the wall and brilliant you will remember them even if you didn’t enjoy it. The first time I ever saw Kill Bill was my freshmen year of college in my dorm room with two of my friends and I can said afterward my mind was blown. It was the most intensely entertaining movie I had ever seen. By no means am I normally an action film fan (Titanic and Benjamin Button are my top two favorite films) but there is something about this movie that drew me in. There are so many elements that make this movie distinct from your typical action flick that its hard to number but there are a few that really stand out. Notable the first is that the movie does not go in order. There is actually a Kill Vill Vol. 2, but as far as the first film goes the beginning starts half way through the main character’s (Beatrix) journey and then bounces around. The films are based on Beatrix’s list of 5 people she is out to kill – ushering in the action elements of the movie. However, these scenes are beyond realistic without being unbelievable. For instance when Beatrix comes face to face with 88 hit men that work for 1 of the people on her list – she takes them on one by one eventually defeating them all.

The whole scene is mesmerizing because of all the gore and guts and how perfectly the whole part is choreographed. Tarantino definitely has his own vision of what an action film is and is not shy about exploring all those possibilities. When you ask most people who have seen Kill Bill what scene stands out for them they will most likely say the background story of O’ren Ishii – simply because it is all in anime. When you are watching a live action film the last thing you expect to see is a cartoon segment but the way Tarantino utilizes the animation is so perfect because there is no way that particular story could be portrayed as dramatically and with such an impact.

(sorry about the spanish subtitles) Kill Bill rethinks about how a movie should be made with Tarentino redefining what a movie is.

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