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Review – Monday Radio Assignment

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Since my show, The Live Outdoors, was played Wednesday I am reflecting on the Monday groups presentations. The one show that stood out for me was the Drunk Tank and for several reasons. First my first thought was that this show is ridiculous – I mean drunk people giving advice is funny but kind of out of left field. But after listening to the show, I developed an appreciation for drunks giving advice on life. What was the highlight for this show was how comedic it was and the team really used it to their advantage. Im not 100% sure if the group was drunk or not while recording the show but if not they did a really good job at acting drunk! Also having three hosts created a new dynamic that went beyond just a single DJ talking or two having a conversation back and forth. I thought that was a really great idea since more drunks together provides for more humor. Also the sober advice bits were perfectly placed – as they broke up the show with obscure advice that you could not help but laugh at. As far as radio editing goes this group did an excellent job. The music was nicely inserted and did not distract or take away from the speaker. For a show produced by “drunks” it was very clean and put together. Overall the group executed multiple sound elements that helped to create a well polished and pleasing show.

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