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XVI-Great Scott, Sean made something!

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In this ds106 assignment, “Stick Figures in Sticky Situations”, we were asked to draw a picture of a stick figure in an unusual situation. This was significant for me, because 1. I actually had to draw something, 2. I did it while I may in fact be dying of tuberculosis.


I thought it would be a good idea to catch a suspicious-looking stick figure trying to sneak out of my room. I don’t let anyone in my room cause I’m sensitive about it’s messiness (particularly after the pathogenic haze that I’ve been in for the last few days). So I took a picture with my room door cracked open, and I used pixlr to draw the little fella.


You could say this guy represents the vile sickness that has plagued me since last Friday. You could even say it’s the same guy who’s beckoning me to return to bed right….now….

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