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Scene from Scream!

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When I originally saw this project I wanted to do the scene from Hitchcock’s Psycho, but I thought that might not be very original and I was resistant to being topless on screen (assuming I was acting) so I went with Wes Craven’s Scream. That way I only have to be stabbed multiple times, not naked. I really like this scene because it is played by Drew Barrymore and it deviates from other horror film in that it truly surprised the audience. No one thinks Drew Barrymore is going to be killed because she is famous and assumed to be the main character and it is the first 5 minutes. Anyway, I thought it came out of nowhere.  Here is the scene.

Now that you are thoroughly terrified, here is what I plan to do with the scene. I think the scene can mostly be shot in my apartment and the rest be shot outside in the courtyard. The only issue with that is it is on the second floor, but I think that fact can be hidden in the film. I imagine I can just transition from inside to outside without revealing that I am on the second floor. I also cannot break any windows in my apartment, but I hope to add sound effects with a shot of maybe glass being thrown on a Drew Barrymore’s character (likely played by me…I took an acting class once so I should be good). I will record my own voice as the killer’s and edit it in audacity to make it a male voice. I have a handful of friends who are willing to play the killer, but I don’t have a scream mask and I am unwilling to buy one because they are surprisingly expensive on the internet. I will try to find one, but if I am unsuccessful, I will just not show the face of the killer sadly. I am going invest in some blood though and plan on making it out of corn syrup and food dye or some other recipe I can find. I think it will be a lot of work, but I am excited and think it will turn out well.


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