Opening Credits Redux – 4 Stars

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For this assignment I chose to redo the opening credits for the Wizard of Oz to go along with my Video Essay post. This assignment was fun, but tedious. I tried to stay as true to my original pre-production concept as possible. Enjoy!



I used Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 for this assignment. I created the video of the rainbow using my phone and an image from google. I split the video into 3 segments–black and white, tinted (to produce a washed out color) and saturated color (all project effects). I then added the title pages for the credit pieces. Each was a rolling credit created from the title feature. I then added the music by taking the music from youtube (using pwnyoutube). I deleted the video and aligned the music up with the credited video.


This is the original credits video- I realize it’s terrible quality but it’s the best I could find (skip to :51 seconds):


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