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In class on Thursday, we were discussing the elements of a “viral video” and what it means to go “viral.” We did this by looking at the top 10 best youtube memes. My group was assigned videos number 4 “Mr Trolololo” and 8 ‘Why is the rum gone?”



I think this video went viral because this is the Russian version of  ”Rick Rolling.” The singer isn’t singing words– he’s singing “trollolol” which is kinda funny. The man himself is really eerie and creepy. I think it also plays into the role of “trolling” on the internet.  I suppose I don’t really understand “trolling” and it’s appeal. A similar video to this one would be the “Rick Roll” video:



The second video my group looked at was “Why is the rum gone?” It is a remix of the popular movie Pirates of the Carribean. It takes all the memorable moments and compiles  it into a catchy remixed song. The genre this falls under is “music” or “remix.” This video is popular because of the role of a popular movie and its notable quotes. It’s quite an impressive video in terms of remixing.



Another video like this one, made by the same people is a remix from Lord of the Rings, “They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard.” I like this remix better than the rum remix.


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