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Twitter Chat–A Wonderful Experience

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This is the conversation I had on #engchat from 7-8 p.m. It was so interesting that I lost track of time! A few of the conversations I was having became a little heated with argument, but in the end we compromised and understand what the other was trying to say. I had a major discussion on assessment and how blogging/ninging could be assessed formatively or summatively. We also discussed the importance of writing and how it isn’t something that should just happen in schools, but outside of school as well. It is important for us to pass on this message to our students, and give them the power to write–with voice and choice** And of course, we discussed the significance and goal of creating life long learners amongst us. :) It was a great experience, that I would definitely do again! You can also take a look at my tweetdeck to see what else was said!

@EmilyHeyden I couldn’t agree more! authentic writing is essential, how do we incorporate it into the classroom? #engchat

@VivaAmaRisata I think we need to put that aside, come up with authentic ideas first and then think about how it connects to tests #engchat

@Feigenn1 12 writing e-portfolios, as in online portfolios? Consisting of what? #engchat

@EmilyHeyden Agreed! A constant change in writing will get the students prepared for college and life in general. #engchat

@Olivia_Guay That is great! Once they are writing about things that matter to them, they will completely be engaged in writing. #engchat

@VivaAmaRisata #engchat Youre right, they know when we are trying to trick them.. ex- instead of writing an essay, make a podcast.

@mrami2 #engchat we had to do it for an assignment, but this is extremely beneficial! I will definitely be joining more often!

@Feigenn1 #engchat Oh wow, see I haven’t heard of anything like that, what schools are doing this?

@ErinRougeux @thereadingzone #engchat blogging is great! Its fun, it creates a digital footprint, and theres a wide variety of audiences

@ajspinali104 #engchat I’ve gotten sick of the NING bc we’re made to use it, I would recommend it for students safe/comfor. environment

@mrami2 #engchat that is so sweet of you! SUNY Cortland Professor @cynthiasarver :)

@VivaAmaRisata #engchat I understand. I am sure it takes a while to get the hang of.. I am only a preservice teacher. Keep trying!

@ajspinali104 @Renee_Balvin #engchat so glad they love it! It’s a great idea :) I will def use it in my classroom. what do they discuss?

@techcmb56 #engchat what about just grading them on their effort and will to make a digital footprint?

@Olivia_Guay Completely agree! Students need choice, when they get choice, their voice will evolve, which will lead to meaningful writing.

@rickylynne76 #engchat Agreed. But not always.. sometimes they can do things for fun, as long as there is a reason for it.

@ajspinali104 see I love that! and they are definitely enjoying it? How do you assess them?

@Mrs_Laf #engchat weve discussed a lot on importance of formative assess. youd recommend grading summatively on blogs if you were to use it?

@rickylynne76 #engchat I concur its all about making students life long learners. But some students aren’t engaged if they aren’t interested

@ajspinali104 so that would be more formative than summative? #engchat I like your style :) where do you teach?

@KatyGartside That is so true! #engchat writing isn’t something that is just done in school, it is important for students to understand that

@Olivia_Guay 100% agree! the fun comes along with the learning :) #engchat

@Mrs_Laf #engchat Oh I agree, effort is definitely formative.

@Mrs_Laf #engchat I love the idea! :) it would be hard to grade every single one.

@Mrs_Laf #engchat But grading every once in a while is like a pop quiz, to make sure they are doing the work and understanding it.

@rickylynne76 fluff is never good… or as my professor would say “gobbledegook” #engchat

@Mrs_Laf haha! Thanks so much :) I need all the advice I can get! #engchat

@rickylynne76 #engchat That is as powerful as it gets.

@Mrs_Laf true! hm you’ve got me thinking about so much! Thank you for this wonderful experience, I will be joining more often! #engchat


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