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Recap of Week 12 Daily Creates!

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So here are my Daily Creates for week 12! I knocked them out early this week, that never happens! :)

4/9 – Sketch a picture that shows perspective. For this image I choose to show perspective by whether you were a glass half full kind of person or whether you were a glass empty kind of person. It’s all about how you view situations! So I drew a glass half filled with water, and asked the question: Half full or empty? at the bottom.

Perspective...half full or empty?

4/10 – Make a Hat + Tiny Eyes photo! Okay, this daily create is horrible, it was so hard to make little eyes! I tried finding them on Google,but cutting and pasting looked funny, so I ended up opening my picture in paint and using the colors white and black to give my picture tiny eyes, which did not look much better. In reality, while the eyes themselves my not be a tiny as one hoped, they are tiny compared to the big hat :) !

Tiny Eyes and a Hat

4/11 – Without saying any words, make a 10 second ringtone using only your voice. Here is my no words ringtone. 10 seconds turned out to be longer than I thought.

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