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My Hero, Indiana Groom?

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I went there. I may or may not have hit the re-generate button 80 times in order to get this perfect storm combination of mashing-up Jim Groom art. I’m sorry but it did technically appear so let’s call it naturally occurring or fate or never letting a good thing pass you by. Whatever.

There are soo many excellent examples of Jim Groom art that it was hard to choose but I got my inspiration from Giulia’s work. Considering my task was to add a side-kick I decided that though Raiders of the Lost Art was indeed an excellent film it didn’t have the  sick-kick. There was no Robin to this Batman.

Until, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was born. Possibly one of the worse movies I have ever seen and I like to pretend that Spielberg did not ruin the Indiana Jones series by forgetting this movie ever existed. What’s up with evil Russians trying to find an alien skull, a crystal alien skull? Alien skull that gives you power. It’s like Final Fantasy met Lord of Rings at a really awkward family reunion. I mean, it’s an alien skull!

Whatever, I made it better. Meet Indiana Groom and Mutt Levine:


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