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Final Project Updates

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Tonight in class we were asked to discuss our final project’s in groups. The point of this was to get feedback regarding our final projects. I’m currently almost done with my Fitness Now and Then sight. I have everything written our and all I have to do is type the information into my sights pages.

Since my last blog post I have a new update to share. I’ve decided to create my sight on word press instead of creating a normal sight. I came to this conclusion because I figured out that creating a sight outside of word press is a lot harder then it looks. Some of the difficulties that I encountered were dealing with the columns and rows in the sight. Unlike in word press everything is not laid out for you, and that was a big difficulty.

To make a long story short this post is a contradictory of my last post. I thought it would be a lot easier but it turned out to be tougher then I thought so I chose to go the word press way.

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