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Yes, The PROJECT is coming along nicely.  I’ll probably call it “the ocean” when everything is finished, but as for now it will be titleless. I have just about finished the song for my music video and I am moving on to the video part.  The brainstorming stage is almost over.  I have a cute, happy song so I am going to try to represent it in the video as best I can.  I used Logic for the song which I have used before so that’s not too difficult, but I am going to try and use FinalCut Pro for the video part. A green screen or white wall will be the background. The tricky part will be going back to that same spot and making sure nothing looks different.  See, I am only using stills for this music video and objects-kind of like an eternal GIF. It will be a nice little story demonstrating the subject matter of the song. It will be very animated and colorful and I am excited to start shooting!

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