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My Daily Create Idea Submissions

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Submission 1: Bring on the tongue twister, record yourself saying I love DS106 ten times. 

I thought this would be a really cool idea. My thought behind is was people normally create tongue twisters by picking words that when mis pronounced sound like something else. However, with this assignment we’ll hear a whole bunch of pronunciations based on how everyone talks.

Submission 2: Take a picture of somebody’s shadow.

My reasoning behind taking a picture of somebody’s shadow is simple, you learn how to take great photos. It’s almost impossible to capture a shadow when you don’t have the right angle, so I thought this assignment will teach people how to find that right angle and how small little change ups can add a great deal to a photo.

Submission 3: Do you have channel 106 on your cable? If so, record a video of what’s currently playing on it.

I tried to think of assignments that could relate to DS106, so I came up with this one. Up to this point we’ve seen tones of ways to incorporate 106, but I have yet to seen it through a television.

Submission 4: The American Idol audition, record ten seconds of your favorite song.

I think a lot of the daily create assignments give people a good laugh. So to have fun with the assignments I thought this one should be mandatory.

Submission 5: Draw a picture of your favorite animal.

This one is for one reason, I love animals.

Submission 6: Record a video of you drawing DS106 is bubble letters.

I thought about this one as just another way to incorporate DS106, also you’ll gain some experience wit video recording.

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