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Dumping ground

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So I wasn’t actually able to finish this mash up. I got a little over ambitious and decided that I wanted to put an awesome tribes helmet onto the scene of boba fetts death in star wars. So I crawled through the 16 sec clip capturing screen shots at every frame, slowly advancing through. I got pretty far into that and was like well I’m this far in, might as well finish the job. I should have abandoned it right from the start. Anyway, fast forward to finishing taking screen caps of all 500 frames in the scene and it’s time to slowly and painstakingly crawl through every scene and edit it. Editing is a pretty slow process and making it look nice takes like 30 mins, times 30 by the 70 frames or so I went through and we’ll just say I wasted a ton of time and probably wouldn’t be able to finish it. So long story short, I learned an important lesson about never ever doing whatever it was that I did ever again, I’m still uploading it because i spent too much time working on it not to.

On the continued note of bad ideas I had during mash up was the bufflax mash up. It was something that I started work on, got half way done with and then threw up my hands and said nope. Something about bufflax videos bother me deep down inside and make me cringe a little. I don’t know if that’s because I find the videos to be mildly racist or what. I have a little more creative dignity then to finish something like this and be proud of the final product. I’m not above posting it in the mash up dump and forcing you to watch it though. Plus the commercial is pretty awesome anyway, my attempts at humor based on writing what I hear in english from that language only serve to make the video far worse than it is. It’s a korean popeye’s commerical by the way.

Anyway so that’s the dump of some of the stuff I spent the mash up week working on. Mash ups are the hardest thing in the world in my opinion. I always find it easier to create new work then to take existing work and mash it up or remix it. You’re always looking for your mash up to be like the taste of Peanut Butter and Chocolate but most of the time you end up with the taste of Tree Bark and Expired Milk. It makes it all the more rewarding when everything comes together.

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