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Final Assessment

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Since this is the final post I will embark on the progress I have made in this class. I went into this class thinking it was going to be a basic English class with research papers, test, etc. I was quite scared at the beginning of this course, because I didn’t expect the things we did. This class was completely difficult to me until the second portion of the course (which I loved). I would like to thank Mrs. Sasser for the workshops and introducing me to the DS106 site. The first part of the course was hard for me because I didn’t have understanding, but through the workshops everything that I was having trouble with was covered.

Brainstorming and mapping out ideas for writing is something that we are one of the first things we’re taught when learning to write papers. This piece of writing gives a clear  representation of brainstorming and mapping ideas In this post I separated my thoughts into common categories.  What I mean by common categories is separating information an introduction, why I chose this piece of writing, how I wrote it, and explained what it is. Sometimes I get confused on how to map out paragraphs, but doing it this way has gave me a better understanding on how to map out my ideas.

Developing a thesis and supporting is something that I’ve never been great at, but it seems that this has improved since I’ve been in this class. In this post I effectively accomplished stating and supporting my thesis I admit that sometimes my laziness is to blame for not being as good as I should be in supporting my thesis. In this class it seems that I have improved on researching information to support my thesis. For this post I not only stated an argument, but I researched different sites to support it.

I like to be given a topic and writing about it, so i’m good at effectively considering my writing purpose. We were told to write about DS106 in this post and I succeeded in covering everything thats informative about the site The purpose of this post was to explain the site and include what we liked most about it. I loved the site so it helped me write effectively on this topic.

Not only is this one of my favorite posts, but I feel that I effectively composed my rough draft In this piece of writing I was careful in my rough draft, therefore I didn’t have to do to much revising. This wasn’t a long piece of writing, but I did a great job on my rough draft. I made sure my punctuation, structure, and everything was right.

In this post I showed a consideration for my audience Everyone doesn’t understand how to consider an audience, but I think it means to write in a clear form. Sometimes we can write down things that only we can remember, but when writing blogs and essays we have to be considerate if others can understand. Also, I think that we should give our audience something to relate to. A piece of writing has no meaning if no one can relate to it; writing something not meaningful defeats the purpose of writing.

I’ve learned many things in this course, but there are still things that I need work on. Editing my writing is a problem that I still have, because I feel you need to everything in order to effectively edit writing. Integrating and documenting others idea is hard for me, because even though I may get feedback I don’t know how to effectively integrate and document it into my writing. Editing and revising is the same thing to me, but I also think I need to know everything about writing to revise. I plan on getting a personal tutor when I enter English 102, so I can improve these problems.

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