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Watching Movies With the Stereo On\

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Like when you have a movie playing on TV without the sound and you’ve got the stereo on at the same time. Take a clip from a movie, remove the audio, and add audio from a song or radio show that, somehow, kind of fits.

well for this assignment I did Think Like a Man, although i have not seen it yet, it seems very entertaining and i feel that Kanye West song runaway fits this movie well, it was the first that came to mind when i watch the preview because how mean and disrespectful guys acted in the movie. Kanye defenitly comments on how Jerk off and douchebag. I did this project on I movie i am getting better at this. At first I had to download and import the clips to the program then I dragged the music from itunes and was successful one part that I had trouble with was matching the part of the song to movie. because I put them one on top of the other the music was parallel to the clip so I had to drag it under neath the clip so I can edit and cut the song to where I wanted it. Enjoy. Star value: 3 ***

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