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Final Project Summary

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For my final project, I decided that I wanted to take the professors advice and incorporate something that I am interested in since I would be working on it for an extended ┬áperiod of time. After some soul searching, I came up with the idea of incorporating one of my favorite shows – The Walking Dead. For anyone who hasnt seen the show, it is about a group of people and their stories in regards to surviving a zombie┬áapocalypse. Rick grimes, a former police officer who is also one of the survivors, gets thrown into a leadership role. He is in charge of keeping them alive. Ricks family and best friend, Shane, are also in the group. As time goes on, Shane begins to question Ricks decision making, becomes hostile and attempts to lead the group. After realizing this, I decided that it would be a good idea to make an election campaign between Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh, with a pro-Rick attitude. To make this a reality, I had to do several things.

First, I had to make a campaign site. I did this by creating a new subdomain from my original blog. I named the subdomain “voterick” since the campaign is for Rick to be the┬áApocalyptic-era┬áleader. In order to make it look more professional and appealing, I felt it was a good idea to decorate the new page. I did this by importing a new theme titled “cuttlefish” from the WordPress website. I also included an “official poll” to gauge who people would vote for and I am in the process of including a bio.

I also decided to create a promotional poster for Rick. I took the main image of Rick from the AMC-TV website.  I then imported the image into GIMP, used the scissor tool  to cut out the main image and pasted it into a new document. Then I moved it so that it was slightly off center. From there I simply used the Text Tool to write in the words and change the font color/size.

After that  was finished, I made a mud-slinging video directed towards his opponent, Shane Walsh. This was done by downloading various clips from youtube that had segments of Shane Walsh behaving poorly. For the most part, this was not too hard due to his type of character. I was able to put together the slides along with text pages for dramatic affect as well as voice the point of the video.  I try to experiment with transitions to make things interesting. I also uploaded a background music clip from youtube and imported it. During certain parts of the movie, I decreased the volume gradually during important speaking moments. I also used the same process to create the promotional video for Rick.



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