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Final Reflection

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My experience on ds106 has been a rather interesting time that I would personally like to experience again. For an UMW class this is def a class worth taking. For a person like me who is not Internet savvy this class teaches you the fundamentals of making your own blog online and personalizing it however you want it to be. You also learn multiple programs that help you extend your creativity to the internet so that everyone can see it and comment or give advice. Too be honest at the beginning of the semester my first reactions to this class was somewhat skeptical (especially with our teacher being projected on a wall trying to teach us new programs through skype), but after awhile I got used to the idea of having a teacher who was there but not really present, did take some time getting used to tho. I have learned a lot of new things in this class like I have never used imovie before even tho I have owned it on my computer for like 3 years. I also have barely used photoshop and was able to dive into this program just a little more because of this class. I also have never used or create my own blog or almost anything that we used in this class which is why I had such a good experience in this class because I learned about so many programs that I owned that I never used until now and since then I have used it more not just for assignements but I now use it on my own personal time trying to come up with new cool videos that I could post on youtube or just trying to see how far I can go with my creativity. When I read back on my first posts ever in this class I kinda sounded nieve and stupid lol in a sense that I had no idea what this class was gonna do to me or what I was supposed to do in this class but I eventually got the hang of it and this class went from being a class in the beginning of the semester to one of the best experience that I had at UMW (regarding classes lol) I think out of all the assignments that we had to do I think my favorite were the audio assignments and the video assignments. I liked the audio assignments because I liked the idea of using audacity program to put in different sound clips and try to come up with something that sounded like it was recorded all at once like my Godzilla attack (which is my favorite audio that I did) I took a bunch of sound clips from a website, mashed them together and it sounds like a city is being attack by Godzilla! (Godzilla Attacks!). The video assignments were also my favorite because I liked being in that mind set that you can create just about anything on imovie and put it on youtube in couple of seconds its so easy and anything you create has a chance to become famous, it gives you another incentive to try harder on your videos so that people will come and watch it and comment if they liked it or not and if not then why. My favorite video assignment was Watching the movies with the stereo on because I was able to throw in a song that I owned for so long and put it into a compliation of videos of zombies being shot and the two combined just made it sound and look so much better I really enjoyed my final outcome and constantly went back to watch it again and again. (Another Zombie Bites The Dust) . I really enjoyed this class although we did go through some rough times I feel like I got a lot out of this class and enjoyed it a lot too in the process. Although I will not keep this blog I will be using imovie, flickr, youtube, iphoto, etc way more then I have been using them, which have been like none of the times but after this class im def going to be using them more. But in this post which will be one of my final post I would like to thank alan our teacher who has helped me in many occasions and who has taught us how to use these programs and how to come up about them so we can use our creativity and post it on our own website so that everyone can see. i picked these assignments in my final reflection because these are the ones that i have enjoyed the most and they were the times when i started on it and didnt want to stop so i felt like if they could do that to me then they deserve to be at least mentioned in my final reflections.

The thing that I am proud the most of what I have done throughout the semester in this class is when I learned about audacity and got familiar with it I was able to create some pretty cool things and was eventually able to create my final project on using audacity. My favorite thing that I have created in this class would be that I created my own make shift dubstep song using a bunch of different audio clips and put them together to kinda sound like it was dubstep lol. It was a lot of work going through so many different kinds of audio and then finally putting them together in a way so that it sounds like it flows with one another but the whole time I was doing this I was really into it and just didn’t want to stop and I enjoyed every second of it. I feel like my family would enjoy this class a lot since the majority of my family uses the Internet a lot (except me). i think they would find this class to be really interesting and probably would like to take it if given the chance to. I think out of my entire family my two younger brothers would probably enjoy this class the most if I could change anything about this class I would change it so there was more hands on activities as well as online group games where we can start something that could go around the whole class online and like play online tag or something where we can interact as a group constantly online I feel like that would be a lot of fun that most people could get into. Overall I really enjoyed this class a lot, I learned a lot, and I am def going to remember a lot of it as well as use some of what I learned. I def recommend this class to anyone who wants an out of the ordinary college class and the experience is def worth all the hard work that you put into your blog!

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