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so this is for the final project and i decided to do alittle bit of audio and video at the same time. first i did was create my own little dubstep song. i used audacity for all of this part and grabbed over hundred different audio clips at first on the internet and worked my way down to about 20-25 audio files for the final song i then used audacity to make my song and i included audio transitions, chorus, beat down mix, etc to create my song. i then exported it as a mp3 file and imported it onto imovie. for the video portion i grabbed several different videos from youtube and edited them together (used transitional effects to go between different videos to give it a better look and feel to it) i then did the necessary little tweaking to both audio and video and uploaded it to youtube

This has been by far my favorite thing that i have done in this class. in class i learned about both audio and video programs and wasnt really able to apply both to one thing or project that i have done until now and it was alot of hard work trying to match up the video with the audio but was able (after a long while) to get everything matched up and looking good. im really proud of this project so i hope you enjoy


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