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this is tutorial is for the assignment If Movie Posters Told The Truth

this tutorial is quite easy but gets quite fun if you get into it. What i did was i figured out what movie poster i wanted to work on which was 28 days later so i googled to find one of the posters on this movie. once i found one i dragged it from googles list onto my desktop, from there i opened Photoshop and i used this program to import the poster. in Photoshop there is a Text button which the icon is on the left hand side of the screen and  has letters as its icon. find a spot on the poster that you want the text and click and drag from one end of where you want it to the other side. a box should appear with the flashing line that tells you where your writing will end up. type in whatever quote or saying that you want and hit enter. it should finalize and from there you can use the “Font” feature to change the color, size of the font, bend the words, and many other features to your saying. i hope this helps!

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