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Bedtime – A Case Study on Distorted Memory – FINAL PROJECT

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This was my first serious attempt at utilizing a recursive two camera technique. After taking a short walk that took a long time, I had the shots, but the only way to perform the continuous zoom mechanic and make use of them is to either vectorize the entire set of images (have fun with the memory restriction), or nest them in Prezi. Since Prezi has only limited zoom depth, only about 5-6 levels can be done per stack, then when you reach the bottom, you slide back out to another stack that starts with the same image you just ended on and continue zooming. After constructing the path, you just video capture software to record the presentation and use a video editor to cut out the slides between stacks so that it appears to be one long continuous zoom.

The inspiration for the art side of the video came from greater ambitions. I actually shot about 3 times more shots than in the video, but the process of Prezi nesting them is incredibly tedious, and this was just a strong proof of concept. The shimmering intro is actually shots taken inside a storm drain which were supposed to give a supernatural bent to the video, using the “creepy monster from the sewer” paradigm.


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