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How To Create A “Movie By The Number 4? Tutorial!!

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So you want to create a Movie by the number 4?  Well here is how:

1.  Open VideoPad Video Editor.

2. Go to Google and search for a pictures involving the number 4 they can be anything you would like: I choose: 4 fingers, 4 on a dice, 4 strawberries, the fantastic 4, the number 4, 4 o’clock, the windows sign, connect 4, 4 leaf clover, the 4 seasons, a window, and for hands interlocked. Save the images to you desktop.  It is best to create a folder for the images and title it “Movie by 4″ so all of the pictures can stay together.  The easiest way to save the images is just click and drag into your newly created folder.

3. Go back to VideoPad Video Editor and import the pictures.  To do this, click “Add Media” button in the top left corner. Then scroll down until find the folder you created on your desktop, double click. When the folder opens, select all images and then click the open button in the bottom left of the pop up box. Helpful pictures below.

4.  Once all of the images have been imported.  Click the images one by one and drag them to the video track line. Do this for all of the clips.

5.  You can then rearrange the images in any way you want. When finished is should look like this:

6. The duration of each clip should be 3.0 seconds.  This should be the default setting, so you should not have to change anything, but it is a good idea to check otherwise your pictures will pass to quickly.

7. Next add a Black screen at the very beginning.  To do this click on “Insert Blank” across the top.  Select black.

8. When the pop up box comes up, select at the “Beginning of the timeline” then select okay.  A blank black slide should have been inserted. Again the duration 3.0 seconds.

9.  This should be repeated to add a black slide at the end, but when the pop up box comes up select “End of timeline” and then click okay. The duration still 3.0 seconds.

10.  Click on the black blank slide at the very beginning.  Then select subtitles which is located across the top. Type “The Number 4.” You can adjust the font size and color, I made mine a golden color, and increase to larger font. It should look like this:

11. Repeat the this step for the black blank slide you inserted at the end. This time type “Where do you see the #4?”.  It should look like this:

12: Now all that is left if to find music. I found my music at this website:  Go here and click the download button on slow heat.

13.  Once it has downloaded, go back to VideoPad Video Editor where we are creating out video and import it. Follow the same directions as in step 3. Once imported click and drag slow heat to the soundtrack 1 line. It should look like this:

14. Now click on Out Point and change it to 43 seconds. This will cut the song to the length of out video. It should look like this:

15. Now the video is done, all that is left is to save it. To do this, click File, Save Project File As (this is incase you want to come back later and add to or edit it). Save it as Movie by number 4.  Then click File, Save movie. Click computer/data and then click okay.

And FINISHED! You have successfully created you Movie by Number 4! :)

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