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The End: DS106-4-Life

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For the last week I have been tying up the loose ends in order to officially end the DS106 chapter and move on to DS107. Maybe? Thoughts?

But here is the list of things I have accomplished in the last week:

1. Finished publishing TDC Weeks 11-14. I had several drafts hanging out in my dashboard that desperately needed to be organized. Somehow I lost a week during the process. I don’t know how or when but I managed to skip a week. A missing persons report was filed.

2. Finished publishing tutorials tab. I never kept up with this during the semester so I FINALLY did it. Please see tab labeled tutorials.

3. Final project summery. Ahem and ahem.

4. Final reflection video. I will admit that I did not want to do this. I HATE publishing videos of myself on the Internet, but on one sunny beautiful day I was feeling it, and I was wearing my favorite shirt too so there.

5. Archiving da blog. With ease I imported my blog onto the UMW blogz site ([email protected]). Even the videos embedded beautifully. I wanted to move my blog to hippie hosting but that requires knowing your control panel password. Which means having the forethought to write it down because you knew that it was too optimist to think that you would remember it several weeks later. And we all remember the gmail disaster. So that part is still pending, etc.

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