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Final Project: Step Four

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This week the scanning begins! I began by pressing the scan button on the printer. It then gave me three options of where to scan to: computer, flash drive, or memory card. I select computer and was then told that I have no computers set up to scan to. Thankfully it also prompted me with very simple directions on how to set it up. I opened the HP software that was installed on my desktop and pressed “activate scan to computer.” Finally something was easy to set up! Once I had set up the computer to scan it now showed up as an option under the computer section of scanning methods. I selected the computer and the selected “photo to file.” The printer then provides a preview of what your about to scan. This was very helpful to make sure the pictures weren’t all crooked. I the pressed scan on the printer and a folder popped up on my screen with the image. I then moved it to another folder where I would be keeping them.

Unfortunately, you have to repeat these steps every time in order to scan an image. Although I got fast a pressing the buttons, it is still a very time-consuming process. I scanned 50 photos this week. It wasn’t too hard, I’d say that is the minimum goal for every week. After I scanned in the images I had to crop the white space. I took me a while to find a simple program to do this. When I left clicked on the image and pressed “open with”  there was an option called “Windows Live Photo Gallery.” Once in that program I selected “Edit, Organize, or Share.” This then brought me too a screen where I could see the entire folder of scanned images. This made the process a lot easier and faster. I was able to crop each picture down, eliminating all the extra white space caused by the scan.

Below is my all time favorite picture. This is of the third birthday when my grandpa gave me Katie Bunny. I used her in a daily create earlier this semester. She has always been my most cherished possession. I was incredible close to my grandpa and now that he has passed away she is even more special. When I was younger I wouldn’t go anywhere without her.

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