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Final Project: Step Three

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The printer has arrived! As you can see it fits great on my book shelf and doesn’t take up too much space. The paper goes in the little silver tray at the bottom. I forgot to mention that it is also touch screen. The black piece in the center lights up and displays options. When it prints the touch screen flips up and a bar flips out to hold the paper as it prints. This is clearly a very sophisticated machine. Props to whoever engineered this beauty.

As you can tell I am clearly excited, but the honeymoon period quickly ends. Step three was supposed to be to start scanning images, but it wasn’t that easy. Step three is getting the printer to work wirelessly. I first started with installing the printer software. That was a pretty simple process , I just pressed download. I got the printer to print while it was plugged into the computer, but that was definitely not good enough. Next I began to read the little quick start book that came with it and realized that I would need to connect my printer to the same wireless network as my laptop. Usually that would be a simple process of just pressing connect and typing in the password. Unfortunately no one knew the password and it took me about thirty minutes to find the default 15 random letters and numbers that were written on a tiny piece of paper. Now the printer is hooked up to the same network as my laptop. The hard part is over right? Wrong, my laptop would still not recognize the  printer. After a couple of hours of frustration and a few phone calls to my mom still no progress. Frustrated, I left it alone for a couple of days before finally getting it all figured out. I started from the beginning, reinstalling  the software and connecting to the network. I was so relieved when it finally worked, but was way to exhausted to start the tedious process of scanning pictures so I’ll leave that for next week.

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