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How to create an “Unlikely Intersection Meets The Fonz” Tutorial!

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Want to know how to create a remix of Unlikely Intersections meet Happy Days.  Well here’s how:

1. First find an unlikely intersection, I used a picture taken by Cogdog (credit to him is given here and in my blog piece).

2. Right click and click save the image.

3. Save it as something you will remember, I save it as unlikely interstions. I saved it to my desktop for easy access. Click Save.

4. Open Photoshop.

5. Open the saved image of Unlikely Intersections in Photoshop: Go to File, Open, Find the picture in your Documents and click Open.

6. It should look like this:

7. Go back to Google and find a picture of the Fonz that you want to use. Save it to your computer as the Fonz. To do this follow steps two and three. I choose this one:

8. Go back to Photoshop. Go to File, Open, Find the saved image of the Fonz and click Open. It should look like this.

9. Click on Pen Tool and outline the Fonz.

10. Once the last point is connected to the first point, right click and select Make Selection.  When the make selection box opens up, click “OK.” I did not change anything in the box.

11. Click Select located on the tool bar across the top .Scroll down to Refine Edge, select it.


12. Click Smart Radius, you can adjust the edges. However, I only changed the smoothness, but you may change anything in this box as you see fit. I made the smoothness 16. Click “OK” when done.

13. Cut the Fonz from the picture by hitting control X. Then paste it into The Unlikely Intersection page. It should look like this:

14. Now position the Fonz under the sign where you like. To move the Fonz, select the Move Tool, then click on the Fonz and move him under the sign. It should look like this:


15. To give it a more of a happy days feeling, I turned the whole image black and white to give it the old time feeling. To do this, under channels which is located in the bottom right corner, unclick green and blue, so just red is left.  This will give the image the black and white color and it should look like the second picture.

16. Finally, Unlikely Intersection of Hooker and Queen Street have met the Fonz. Click File, Save As, Enter the name in which you wish to save your picture under, Unlikely Intersections meet the Fonz and then click Save when done.

Now we have successfully created a masterpiece, now you give it a try!

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