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final thoughts on ds 106 aka ct 101

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ct 101 aka ds 106 has been a fun experience. at the beginning wasnt really sure what to expect out of the class and even now at the end of class this wasnt what i was expecting when i signed up. but it was a pleasant surprise of what ct 101 aka ds 106 turned out to be. the ds 106 community is a very helpful and knowledgeable group of people. with ds 106 i had to learn how to a lot of things on my own there wasnt really any instruction on anything. that was a different but cool thing to experience. because with this class you had to learn on your own how set up a website among other things. while people and other materials were available to you if you needed it, it was always encouraged though that you should figure out the problem on your own. the assignments for ds 106 were cool. overall i would have to say out of all the tdc assignments i did prefer the photography assignments more than anything else. it was a lot of fun doing the myriad of assignments that was given by different students, people who just do it just because, and teachers. it was pretty cool and the daily creates are something i can see myself continuing. the assignment side of ds 106 was the most fun to me. i equally enjoyed both the photography section and the video section. doing those assignments has actually helped me find a hidden love… and movie creation. that has to be the biggest and probably best thing that i have or could have gotten out of this class. even though class is coming to a close and i hope a good grade follows that but i can see myself continuing in the ds 106 group even after school

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