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Just some light reading … :)

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So, when I got home from school I had two copies of “The New Yorker” waiting for me!  How exciting :)  I was reading the May 7th issue and really enjoyed the article “Machine Politics” by David Kushner.  This article discusses George Hotz who you can basically call a professional hacker.  At the age of seventeen, he hacked into the iPhone because he wanted it to “make calls using his existing network”(24).

The part of the article I find interesting is one of the topics of what is piracy with technology?  Hotz claims: “I live by morals, I don’t live by laws…Laws are something made by assholes” (26).  This brings up another topic of morals vs. laws.  What if something that you believe in is not exactly lawful?  Hotz believes that “Information should be free…This is the struggle of our generation, the struggle between control of information and freedom of information” (27).  Our generation is growing up in a world full of technology and I feel as if piracy and “hacking” is going to become an issue throughout this age of technology.

If companies put information out there, why can’t we find our ways in?  Isn’t this the land of the free?  This is a question that may never be resolved, but it sure is thought provoking!

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