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Like a Hole in the Head

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I need another thing to do like a hole in the head. I wrapping my second semester with Daemen and elected to spend some Summer months engaged in DS106 to boost my digital storytelling and have a little fun.

hole in the head picture
CC BY-NC-ND: red5standingby

There’s a lot going on this Summer and I’m knee deep in a bunch of exciting projects:

  • Lots of faculty development programs
  • Instructional design and technology support for a bunch of courses
  • QR Coding project for our Research and Information Commons
  • Video projects for a few special initiatives
  • Continuing work with our distance education quality initiative
Most importantly, I’m dissertating all Summer. You say dissertating isn’t a word. I say poppycock.
So why add to this with a Summer course on digital storytelling?
Late in 2011 I began looking into digital storytelling as a method to innovate what happens in the classroom for our students and faculty. In the course of looking at these tools, I connected with Jamie Bono and we had some lively discussions about the topic. In February 2012 I attended a digital story slam at the ITC eLearning2012 conference put on by Barry Dahl. It was exactly the way to introduce and help our faculty to the concept of digital storytelling.
I also watching other schools and higher education media about digital storytelling. One prominent example was a speech from Jim Groom of DS106 and University of Mary Washington. I was keenly interested in the culty-goodness of DS106 and the learning and projects were amazing.
(okay, a 41 minute video on a blog post is a bit much)

As a result Jamie and I built a Digital Story Slam workshop and supporting website. We had such a positive response, we ran the workshop twice. It began many conversations with faculty and administrators about how to use this method to engage our students.
Meeting some folks at the 2012 NITLE Symposium, including Jim Groom, helped me realize that the only way to fully integrate concepts like digital storytelling into our pedagogy was to take part in these things first hand. I’m eager to see what happens and quickly adapt and adopt for our students.
This blog is a repository of the DS106 assignments and resources for digital storytelling. I should add that it is also an experiment with Blogger. As a Google EDU school, we get Blogger, and it is encouraged over other blogging platforms. As a die-hard WordPress user, I’m having some dissonance about Blogger. Like a good instructional technologist, though, I’ll experience Blogger first-hand and find effective ways to use it. 
Summer DS106 is set to begin on May 21 and I’ll be heading off to Camp Magic MacGuffin. I may have to resurrect my camp counselor days and alter ego. If you’re interested in coming along, please do. Sign up via the link above. I’m happy to have you co-author on this blog if you’re part of the Daemen Community or you can start your own.

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