Final Project- Looney Tunes Mash Up

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So for the final project we were given the option by Michael Smith to expand on something we had done earlier in the semester. I fully intended on doing so. In fact I was going to expand on my video essay assignment on Forrest Gump.

Rather than do a movie I was going to do the assignment for a television show that impacted my life. That really didn’t work out so well in the sense that although I did do my final project on a show I loved growing up as a kid I did not do a video essay.

Professor Smith told us to find a thread that would make viewers not pay attention so much to the actual scene, but on the actual work done on the project. I tried to stick to one, but I thought that it would make my video too short and kind of boring.

So I did two. I did the two threads I felt defined the Looney Tunes era. Constant chasing of characters like tweety, bugs bunny, and the road runner (from left to right) and of course the chasers getting harmed (blown up)
Enjoy the video!

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