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Protecting your Creativity Selectively: “some rights reserved”

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I have done some research on the concepts of Copyright and Creative Commons. I had always known what Copyrighted work was: work registered with the government that gives the creator rights to copy, to receive credit/profits from use or display of his/her work for a time period.

Creative Commons though, I have never heard of until this course. It is an amazing concept though! It is a free copyright license, that is much less restrictive than Copyrighting your works. It allows the creator to customize their own restrictions on there works. This makes it not as restrictive, and allows people to use and even ‘tweek’ your work (if you want to) for educational purposes. It is based on the idea that creativity spawns creativity. By sharing my work freely (or semi-freely lol) with people from around the world, a creative learning community is promoted.

I used a few sites to find out about Creative Commons (yes including wikipedia), but the one I found to be most informative and helpful was .

It explained the concept of creative commons, allows you to find creative works, and helps you pick out a license to your liking! Here is mine…

Creative Commons License
This work by Mohamed T. Moaz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

My Creative Commons license allows others to use and share my work, but for non commercial use only, they must credit me, and cannot alter my work at all.

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