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rain rain go away…

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For this mission I had to imitate weather, but only with things that were within hands reach of my computer. At first I thought to create a windy noise using my mouth and moving closer and further away from the laptop mic. It worked well, but I felt it was too dull, so I though I would try to imitate rain. I tried tapping close to the microphone, or on the screen.. but I didn’t really like those sounds. I had a small, ribbed bowl next to me that I was eating chex mix that I decided to test out. I held it up to the mic and tapped and ran across the ribs with my mechanical pencil and got a great sound.

I then went to my soundcloud and instead of uploading a file from a audio program, I just recorded it raw. Soundcloud recorded the sound, and I uploaded it. No editing or anything, and only a few trial runs.


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