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Reading The Lion King

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If some of you guys haven’t already noticed, I LOVE The Lion King. I think it is an amazing movie! Animation, soundtrack, storyline, the morals and lessons being portrayed and taught, and its appeal to all ages. I think it is truly a work of art.

The first scene I picked was the one where Scar is first introduced, and he has a chit chat with his older brother Mufasa.

The scene opens up immediately showing Mufasa on higher ground, head up, and in light. While scar is hunched over, and in the dark shadows of his cave dwelling.

As the scene continues and Mufasa’s dominance and goodness is shown over Scar, The scene concludes with him getting a bit angry at Scar and asking if he was challenging him. Mufasa races in front of scar growling “is that a challenge?!”… Mufasa is on the right, in light, and the POV is at his eye level showing how much more powerful and dominant he is to Scar. Even Scar verbalizes this, all while cowering back and below Mufasa’s eye-level. Even throughout the scene Zazu takes refuge beneath, between, and behind Mufasa’s paws. This shows his position as a protector and unshakable figure in the movie in a sense.

The second clip I picked is that of Mufasa being murdered while struggling to get out of the stampede in the gorge. Mufasa is on the left in this scene, and below scar – helpless. Scar is dominant over him in this situation, and in a portion of the clip just as Scar claws over Mufasa’s paws they are diagonal from each other. This tilt (w/ Mufasa on the lower end) shows opposing forces and a shifting of direction. And finally as Scar lets go of Mufasa, music climaxes, and it screen blackens out. Indicating the defeat/death/demise/defeat of Mufasa. Everything just fades into nothing. This scene in its culmination I feel is more moving and powerful than most live-action scenes.


SN: I used Windows Movie Maker to edit and clip these scenes to keep em short and sweet.

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