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Twilight the Trailer Montage

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First off I would like to state, yes I am one of those people that actually enjoy watching the Twilight Saga… judge all you want.

For those of you who aren’t informed about the wonders of the Twilight Saga, there are four books. The last book (like Harry Potter) is made into two different movies, therefore there are five movies. I took a clipping from each movie trailer and edited them together. I used to download the YouTube trailers. I decided I wanted to make a story of the Twilight Saga through the trailer, but still leave some mystery at the end. For those of who are diehard fans like me there is no mystery. However for those of you who are interested in Twilight and learning about its  ”fantasticness” this trailer will be a great introduction into the saga!

I used iMovie to merge together all the trailers. Since the trailers are already edited with music, all I had to do was put pieces together and hoped it would make sense. I faded in and out with sound to make a better transition.

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