Mashup Week

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It was interesting to learn about remixing and how much goes on in the creation of a mashup. Also, it is amazing to see how much is actually “remixed” in real life. Such as the creation of the Macintosh. Not only this, but I learned a lot about the different types of remix: copy, transform, and combine.

Remix Example 1

Edward and Buffy
This is a really good example of combining. Two vampire stories combined to create a different story. It was amazingly clipped together and the story was easily flowed from the clips.

Remix Example 2

Call Me Maybe Star Wars
This is a perfect example of transforming a piece. It takes a classic movie and a modern hit and transforms both of them into one single video. The video keeps me engaged and entertained. An awesome mashup!

Remix Example 2

Literal Music Videos
These are awesome! I instantly fell in love with them. It shows us a great example of transforming. Taking the music video, and transforming the lyrics to mean something completely different from the original song.

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