1. Jolie Thomas

    Last Letter From Camp


    Dearest Mother and Father,

    I had really no idea what this class would be like. At the beginning, this class was an enigma. I was unsure of how it would be laid out and where I would fit into the dynamics of class. I was completely new to a lot …

  2. Jolie Thomas

    Letter Home


    Dear Mom and Dad,
    This week was all about remixing and mashups. It was awesome and I learned a lot about the art of remix. It’s not a simple as it looks. Nor as new as most people think. The biggest thing I am taking out of this week is …

  3. Jolie Thomas

    Mashup Week


    It was interesting to learn about remixing and how much goes on in the creation of a mashup. Also, it is amazing to see how much is actually “remixed” in real life. Such as the creation of the Macintosh. Not only this, but I learned a lot about the …

  4. Jolie Thomas

    Here comes the Big Boss!


    This loved this assignment. I found it was a little harder fitting movie to song. Yet, it is simply placing the videos together and editing them to fit the music. I used iMovie, it makes everything so easy.

    I really love cartoons. It is something of a guilty pleasure, but …

  5. Jolie Thomas

    Working At the…


    I chose to do the song visualization assignment because I do it all the time. Maybe not in video format, but any song I hear, I get mental images of a story. This assignment was in the bag from the moment I saw it. I just had to pick a …

  6. Jolie Thomas

    Losing My Religion (and my sanity)


    Dear Family,

    This week is been great fun at Camp. Yet, while all this fun is going on, my sanity is wearing thin. I have been on a whirlwind of a trip through the amazing world of audio and video. Plus, my trip through video land is not finished quite …

  7. Jolie Thomas

    Radio Bumper


    This is my first shot at the DS106 Radio Bumper. For some reason, when I was creating the bumper I couldn’t stop thinking about the Looney Toons. I found the opening theme on Frogstar.com and added the theme in as an opener. I then clipped several different songs to create …

  8. Jolie Thomas

    Week 4: Design


    Dear Mom and Dad,

    This week at camp I learned about Design. We started with the basic elements of designs: color, typography, balance, rhythm, proportion, symbols, minimalism, function, and unity.  After an introduction to the basics of design, we were sent off in search of real-life examples. It opened my …

  9. Jolie Thomas

    Creative Commons


    In my research on Creative Commons, I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of it. CC is a non-profit organization devoted to providing free and easy to use legal tools that work with copyright laws to reach the full potential of the internet. This enables anyone to share their work, …

  10. Jolie Thomas

    Everyday Safari


    I found the different elements of design interesting. Some where obvious, but others elements I wouldn’t have thought of when it comes to design and how many different designs surround us every single day. Here are a few that I found on my Safari this week.


    This is a …

  11. Jolie Thomas

    Lost Mail


    Dear Family of Jolie Thomas,

    We, at the pony express, deeply regret that your mail has been delayed in reaching you. The pony that was carrying the letters addressed to you got lost and was only found recently. We hope that these letters find you well and the delay has …

  12. Jolie Thomas

    Guess that Catchphrase!


    This image was created in two parts. First, in Word, I created the body out of shapes and text. Second, in photoshop, I layered what I had done in Word on top of a rainbow background. Then erased the white background from around the body.

    Brainstorming is always the hardest …

  13. Jolie Thomas

    Design Review


    This is such a great design! It is based on famous sitcoms with a twist. The design is in balance created by the squares. No matter which way you look at it, 3×3 all the way around. The design is centered around the title of the show, which is where …

  14. Jolie Thomas



    I chose a blurry, badly accidentally taken photo of the ground and added the antique effect in iPhoto. Adding enough of the effect to make the photo look old, but not so much as to make it look like a sepia effect. I added text in photoshop as the finishing …

  15. Jolie Thomas

    Sister Mary Dora Bridget


    To create this photo, I used the picture of our foster dog as the background. Using the lasso tool, I selected my mom’s face and used the free transform function to make the selected space smaller. I then pasted the image of Mom’s face into the dog’s eye.

    I decided …

  16. Jolie Thomas

    Life is like a box of chocolates


    I searched for a movie scene that everyone would know and was from a movie that I enjoy. I used Photoshop to insert myself in this famous movie. I used the scene as the background and used the lasso tool to copy myself out of another photo. I then pasted …

  17. Jolie Thomas

    Andy Warhol


    I took this photo with Photobooth on my computer and added the pop art effect. Quick, easy, and simple! Finding the subject worthy of being Warhol-ed though was a different matter. There were so many things I could choose from, including myself.

    This is my mother’s grandfather clock that has …

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