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Week 4: Design

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Dear Mom and Dad,

This week at camp I learned about Design. We started with the basic elements of designs: color, typography, balance, rhythm, proportion, symbols, minimalism, function, and unity.  After an introduction to the basics of design, we were sent off in search of real-life examples. It opened my eyes to how we are literally surrounded by design 24/7. Our brains process design, subconsciously picking out the individual elements yet we never stop to actually think about the design and how it tells us a story.

Also, while learning about design, we were sent off to investigate Creative Commons. An organization that is devoted to open online sharing. They allow creativity and learning to span across the globe through the internet like it should. I not only learned about Creative Commons, but about who uses CC and how they use it.

This week, I dove into design. I found it eye-opening to how much can be expressed through design. Looking back, my favorite assignment this week was Illustrate a Catchphrase. I had so many ideas and just couldn’t stop myself. I love to play with symbols and illustrations, so to me, this assignment fell from heaven.

I am throughly exhausted! Yet, I am still strangely energized for next week. Bring it on because I can’t wait!

Excitedly yours,


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