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Chipmunk’d Boyfriend.

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This is audio assignment 494, worth 3 stars. It is called “Mainstream Chipmunkd” and the details were:

“The object of this assignment is to take a mainstream artist and chipmunk them. As we reflect on our childhoods we realize that all the chipmunks were an awesome bunch and it is really easy to do this assignment. All you need is any kind of musical editing software like MIXXX and Virtual DJ (which are free). Second either raise the BPM (beats per minute) or edit pitch of the track. If it is a slower track just raise the tempo and try to give the song an upbeat personality. Make sure to tag your assignment and have fun!

Over the past few years Justin Bieber has been in the spotlight. Whether someone is worshiping him or putting him down, I hear his name a lot! Justin even has life-size cardboard cutouts of himself. I know this because my little sister has one in her room. It catches me off guard EVERY time, it scares me whenever I walk into her room.

I don’t really listen to much of his music unless I am with my sister, it isn’t really my style. I decided to use his song “Boyfriend” for this assignment because I thought it would be really funny to hear it in a chipmunk voice. It is basically about him wanting to be someone’s boyfriend, and now it’s a chipmunk wanting to be the boyfriend. I like this version SO much better and who wouldn’t want a chipmunk as a boyfriend?

I used Audacity to create this. It was pretty simple, I just speed up the tempo of the song (under effects).

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