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Daily Creates Weeks 7 & 8

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The assignment for the last two weeks was to complete 6 daily create tasks.  I would have to say that there were a lot of fun and interesting tasks to choose from which always helps when we are assigned to these weekly.  I was able to use what I have learned over the last several weeks to help me capture items to present to you.  There are new and interesting things posted daily at With no further delay below you will see some of what I have been up to for the last 2 weeks.

Soup, soup, glorious soup!







For this assignment we were to photograph some soup for the day.  I am not much of a cook so any soup beside vegetable soup that my family gets is 9 times out of 10 going to come out of a can similar to this.  This assignment did not take much more effort than to pull out my trusty partner my cellphone and take a picture of one of the items on my grocery list last week.



Create a drawing of something using only shapes of the numbers 1, 0,  and/or 6







For this assignment I just picked up my pencil and began to draw.  Each piece of this drawing to include the numbers specified and only those numbers.  I was quite impressed that I was able to come up with something using such a limited amount of items.  This is a really neat assignment and I think that it should be introduced to all people especially school aged children to get their brain pumping with creative ideas.



Take a photo of someone/something that means a lot to you. What is it’s story?¬†








This by far has to be the easiest assignment for me to do.  If you have even glanced at my blog before you know that the most important person in my life is my son.  He is my pride and joy.  He amazes me everyday with the new things that he learns and he is at the age now that he is like a tape recorder repeating everything that I say.  So mommy and daddy have to watch our mouths to ensure that he does not pick up anything he is not supposed to lol! He is so full of energy and always keeps me busy and I just thank God for him everyday because he is truly a blessing to me.



Fences and walls can divide or demarcate.








This photo was a easy one to take because of the endless options of fences and walls.  I was riding enjoying some of the scenery when I went back home for a visit and decided to snap this photo.  I thought that I had zoomed in enough so that you could see the sign that had a date from the 1800s listed on it.  This is a nice item for me to keep because when I view it, it will remind me of a memory.



Take a picture of the first thing you do in the morning








The object of this assignment was to take a picture of the first thing I do in the morning. ¬†I am so busy that I am rushing most morning and don’t get a chance to do much but get ready and leave home. ¬†I of course have to brush my teeth and my son’s teeth every morning before we leave home so it is one of the first things that popped into my head when I think of morning besides breakfast lol.



Make a video of water

This seemed like a easy task but let me tell you this was far from it.  I hate to waste water ever since I was a little girl and I watched a episode of Sesame Street that stressed the importance of not wasting water it has stuck to me.  I absolutely hate to see water wasted and just running for no reason.  As you can imagine that this presented a problem for me because I think of all the needy people who would kill to have even the little bit of water that I wasted to film this video.


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