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And that’s a Wrap! The Despicables Radio Show

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Off my suggestion my group chose to go with the Autumn theme for our Radio Show and off of Shalini’s/ Puja’s suggestion we chose to interview different people asking them questions based on this theme. My group mostly communicated through emails, but we did meet up two times at Shalini’s and Puja’s apartment (I attended one of the meetings, during the second one I had class so I couldn’t make it) to discuss who was doing what and due dates).

My main contribution to the Radio Show was interviewing people. I chose to do this because I felt that it would the best task for me personally and that I could execute it the best. I did this by using my Iphone Audio Recording App and recording the conversation that took on between me and the person. For two of the interviews I basically just let the person talk about their Halloween Experiences or what they planned on doing this year for Halloween. For the other two I went back and forth with the person asking them questions about both Fall and Halloween. The main reason I did this was so that Shanlini could have plenty of material to work with when she edited the Radio Show. My other contributions were suggesting our theme, creating the two commercials for our Radio Show and being one of the ring leaders (along with Shalini and Puja) with staying on top of communication within the group, and just helping keep our group organized with the tasks. I also was the first and only group member to tweet about the Radio Show. = )

I believe that overall my group did well with the Radio Show! Even though we had a rough start, with communication and getting everyone to respond to emails in a timely matter, I group ended up pulling it out and we definitely got the job done! I also feel that our group definitely got the message across about how people feel about the Fall Season.

Honestly, when we were assigned this project I thought it was going to be extremely hard, but in the end the process ended up being rather simple. Now that I sit back and think about, the whole process went by super fast! One thing that I have taken away from this project is not to over think everything! From the interviews, to converting the audio to mp3 format, and finally editing everything I would definitely say that my group rocked this project once we all buckled down and got everything done. I also like the fact that we got to work with other DS106 students on this project too! That way if someone lacked the skills in one area we always had someone who could make it up! So, honestly I would have to say the project was not bad at all!

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