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Week 7 and 8 Summary

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These last two weeks have been full to max with school items even with the 2 day break that we had last week.  The most important and time consuming part was the Radio Show (Group Projects).  I have too say that I am more familiar with Audacity than I would like to be lol!  We had to complete 10 Stars worth of Audio projects which can be found at the following link  From all the practice that I got from editing the project it made it a lot easier to do these assignments but they were very time consuming and took a lot of small things to make them come to life.  I recycled this week 4 unused photos one from a daily create 2 weeks ago and the other from design safari.  The four pieces were named bike, texas longhorn, shoe collection, and empty.  This week we also had to create 6 daily creates which it is no secretly that I like to do this assignment and look forward to them weekly.   Here is the link so that you can check out the work and what I have been up to for the last 2 weeks ?Lastly, I am going to reflect on the project.  It was a fun experience especially with the different schedules and lives that we all lead.  The theme was very simple to choose we kinda just picked one and everyone went with the flow.  The hardest part with working with a group is just not wanting to step on anyones toes and finding time that we could get everything organized.  You can send a tweet, email, or any other type of message but if it is not read or replied to than it defeats the purpose.  When it came to what I would contribute it just popped in my mind and I went with it and it turned out to be a lot of fun. I feel that our show holds together well for the most part there are a few things that i would have liked to change but those things are impossible to do.  When I started this class i had no idea what i had signed up for all I knew was that I was able to take it online and it fit my life.  Now I am glad that I was able to take this course because I have learned so much about audio that I feel like a pro.  This course is just what I needed to break up my schedule from the traditional things that I am learning.

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