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The ADAAM Show – Radio Show Evaluation

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Evaluating my own radio show is going to be a bit difficult because I really do think that we created something that is really awesome.  Here it goes anyways!

Quality of audio -e.g. is the volume appropriate? are the levels even? Is the sound clear?  – After listening live to the radio show, I really do feel like the sound could have been a bit more level.  I ran an equalizer on Audacity and tried my best to make sure that everything was the same level, but when you have recordings on 5 different microphones, obviously it isn’t going to be perfect.  Working with what we were given, I would say that the product we created was as close to the best that we could manage!  As far as sound clarity, there were a couple points where it sounded a bit muffled.  I wouldn’t go so far as to call it bad though!

Quality of audio editing – use of effects, transitions, are the edits clean? – This is where I think we definitely flourished.  Our group used effects, transitions, and edits pretty well.  We have a lot of audio effects in our radio show and a really good portion of the transitions were faded.  To me, listening to the radio show, it all just sounded like it flowed together the best that it could.  I don’t think I’d change anything on this category at all.

Use of sound effects- how are they used? Is it effective? – I spoke of sound effects already but I’d like to clarify on this a bit more.  Maryam did the best sound effect that I heard out of any of the radio show groups.  She actually made her voice higher pitched for the girl portion of her story and lower pitched for the guy portion of her story.  I thought that was absolutely brilliant.  She was the only one that recorded the story and she made it sound like there were three people present!  I tip my hat to her for sure.  We all had audio in our stories (even if only a little ) and I believe that our effects were top notch!

Use of music- how is it used? Is it effective? – Since we opened with a song, I thought that was a really awesome thing to do.  Not many groups played entire songs but since our entire show was based around Halloween, we felt that it would be necessary to have a classic like that in there.  Plus, it gives the people that are listening something to jam to for a little bit :-)  I know that not everyone has Monster Mash on their iPod and since it’s close to Halloween, it was definitely necessary to play that.

Does the show have a structure? – Structure is what defines our radio show.  Everything about it was planned and organized the best that we could.  Since we had literally five different stories wrapped around one central theme, I found it to be extremely important to have a strong structure.  We placed each story where we thought it would be best at based on audience emotion.  We didn’t want to have something scary and then funny..  Rather, funny and then scary.  It just worked out that way that we picked the best way to structure our radio show effectively.

Does it tell a story effectively? Is there a sense of drama, unknown? – Since we have five different stories, we weren’t really going for an overall story.  Rather, we were going for an overall theme.  We wanted to capture the idea of Halloween in the five best ways that we knew how.  Each of us brought something extremely different but important to the table.  Without having all of our parts, I feel like the story would not have been the same at all.

If you would star this radio show, how many stars out of five would you give to the show? – I would have to give us 4.75/5 stars.  I would take the .25 down from the audio not being as clear and level as I would have liked.  Since I was the one that was supposed to do that effectively, I will take the blame!  I do want to point out thought that we were all working on different microphones for recording our stories!

Cohesiveness of the production – It can’t get much more cohesive than this!  What you see is something that we created that we feel is amazing.  Without all of our contributions and creativity, it wouldn’t be the same.

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