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Hey You! Here is how you tell a Story Within the Web

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For this Web Assignment we were asked to take any web page of our choice and alter the content of that web page (content, images) to make it tell a new story. Here is the screen shot of the page web page I chose to alter. (Just click on the image to see the details)

Bianca's Secret

Do you ever wish that your eye color was different? Hate having to spend money every year on color contacts? Wish that you could change your eye color anytime you wanted to??? Well here is your perfect solution! There is now a new product being sold on Amazon known as Bianca’s Secret/Inoxxa Eye Color Changing Droplets. These magic droplets will change your eye color to any of our selections (brown, blue, hazel, green, or grey) in 24 hours after being applied! Just use 2-3 drops within 24 hours of opening (refrigerate the bottle afterwards to use multiple times) and your on your way to the eye color you have always wanted! No hassle! No limits! And you can change your eye color anytime you want!

I got the inspiration for this story basically from myself. I sometimes wear colored contacts and I am constantly changing up the colors I buy every year. It would be so convenient if there was a easier way to go about changing my eye color. Viola! The inspiration for my magic eye droplets!

For this assignment I used the X-ray Goggles Tool. I added the tool to my bookmarks tab and once I activated it everything after was a go! I originally thought this assignment was going to be super hard. But after doing the tutorial on the website making changes to the web page was a breeze! The only sad thing about this is that I wish my product was actually real! = (

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