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Weekly Summary 9

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With hurricane Sandy approaching¬†the east coast I decided to submit my summary a little earlier than I usually do to be on the safe side. (Incase I lose power for a few days which is the likely case!!!!)¬†¬† This week was filled with difficult tasks for me I had little time to focus with two papers due¬†and an exam on the same day you can say that I was sleep deprived and stressed this week.¬†I did manage¬†to #DS106¬†on twitter and saw my name scroll across¬†twitter when our live shows were being broadcasted.¬†I found that I had to really focus this week to complete the task assigned in this course. I found the most difficult task being the evaluation of others radio show.¬† I would hate to know that my feedback resulted in someone getting a lower grade than what they originally would have got but I brought something to someone’s attention. If you would like to see my critiquing of the radio show I was assigned to do you can see it on my post at

Storytelling within the web was an assignment and task that I had no idea was even possible to do.¬† I installed the X-Ray Google’s¬†tool which made this assignment way easier than I thought.¬† I have to admit that I put it off to the last-minute¬†but I am pleased that I was able to figure it out because I was just exhausted by looking at the instructions so my mind made it hard for me to get excited about the tasks that I had ahead of me.¬† I used a page from the local news in my area and changed it up a bit to reflect DS106¬†without¬†spoiling it too much take a peek for yourself and tell me what you think

5 Stars

What might they might have done in social media was just awesome!!!! I chose to do the late singer Lala Brown because I was watching recently where her 2007 murder is still unsolved.  I saw that she was truly talented and would have made a big impact on the industry had she not been shot down at the tender age of 21.  It is crucial these days that artist stay connected with their fans and she was about promoting positive messages so I was able to use the fake Facebook tool at to create a fake page which was just as easy as clicking a few buttons and I used to create the fake tweets.  This is truly a fun and creative assignment and if you would like to check out my work you can at…n-social-media/

The second assignment that I did to complete my 5 stars is Make a Story Out of a Search.¬† Another interesting assignment¬†that I would not have thought of on my own.¬† I use Google all the time especially to search locations and I think that this was very cool.¬† I used google’s search stories and tried to create a narrative and it is just as simple as that you would be amazed at how simple it is to complete this.¬† The hardest thing is not creating several of them and showing off to your friends that you know how to do a cool trick and they don’t lol and actually finding the link to do it!¬† If you would like to check out my work you can at¬†and you will find a surprise like I did when I tried to create this assignment.

Daily Creates

This week like all other weeks we had to complete some daily create tasks.  This week we were given the task of not only doing 3 daily creates but we also were tasked with making them into a story.  By re-editing the captions I was able to tie in the three together.  Like always anytime that I can incorporate my son in my assignment I am more than happy to do that.  This week I had a lot of choices that I could actually create with ease.  Here is the link to my creations for the week and I hope that you enjoy

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