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Week 10 Weekly Summary

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I had so much fun with this week’s assignments!  I can’t wait until I actually get to do the work that I set up for my pre-production.  I’m literally already almost done with both of those assignments.  I’ve been looking forward to working with video all semester and it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time.  I’m supposed to include what video editing software I have and since I didn’t make a separate post for it, here is what I have.  Final Cut Pro X and iMovie.  I prefer to use FCPX, but I’m not 100% familiar with all of the functions, but I’m getting there.  I bought a Canon Vixia HF M400 for Christmas last year and I’ve been loving using it.  I got the software so I could do some really nice things with my video editing and I really think it will come in handy for next week’s work.

Look, Listen, Analyze – I had a lot of fun with this.  I took the clip from Any Given Sunday and broke it down.  The assignment was a lot of fun to do because I’d never looked at video like that.  It was really easy to pick apart the different styles and techniques that the director had used when I was able to mute it and just look and then turn away and just listen.  It really is amazing how your eyes and ears can pick up on things independently when they aren’t working together.

Exploring A Great Movie Scene – This was a lot of fun too because I got to look up some interesting facts and actually create something with the clips that I had found on YouTube.  I enjoy putting things together and analyzing them, so this was a lot of fun to me.  I really want to do this kind of stuff for a profession but it might have to be a hobby for now until I can find some way to make a living out of it.  Video editing is really a passion of mine.

Pre-Production – This was definitely my favorite assignment so far.  I know it’s just setting up for something that we are going to be doing next week, but this one took the cake.  There is always one assignment each week that I feel is my favorite and I know that the next assignment that we do is going to be my favorite out of all of the assignments we’ve done so far.  I absolutely love doing stuff like this.  It was so much fun looking around online for different clips and different songs to blend together.  Once I found the right trailer, it was so easy to find the right song.  It’s awesome being able to take two completely independent things and blend them together to create something that could arguably be better than the original.  Although this assignment should have only just been a little bit of research, I’ve actually started working on the assignment that I know we’re going to have to do next week.  The homework that we’re doing is literally fun to me.  Mind blowing.

Daily Creates – I could have done 12 daily creates this week with how much time I had left over.  The two that we did were fun, but I’m ready for the next week’s work! Come on DS106, I’m hungry!

Week 10 Reflection – I would hate this week if I didn’t like video editing, but since I love it, I can’t say that at all.  I feel sorry for the people that don’t like it though!  These video editing assignments are pure gold.  Thank you so much for putting them in here so I can have the most amazing time.  I really wish this was the last week of assignments because I know that after next week, whatever comes after that isn’t going to be as appealing to me if it’s not something to do with video.  That’s okay though because I’ll have something to look back on and cherish.  I hope that you all enjoyed the work that I did this week.  I really did put a lot of effort into the pre-production assignment.  I hope that the final product that I create is as meaningful to you as it is to me in my head right now.  I’ve got all of these ideas just waiting to be created.

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