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Pre-Production of The Bangles and Disney.

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One Archetype, Five Movies, Five Seconds

“Create a five second video of one archetype from five different movies cutting together one second of each. Examples could include: Prisoners, Thieves, Beauty Queens, Kings, Robin Hoods, James Bonds, Bank Robbers, Assassins, Bad Boys, Kung Fu Masters, Femme Fatales, Sports Heroes, High School Bullies, Rogue Police Officers, Brainiacs, Pregnancies, Principals, Mean Teachers, InspirationalTeachers, Gunslingers, Gangsters, Monsters,Bartenders, Warrior Princesses, Swordsman, Knights, Mad Scientists, Nerd Girls, Obstructive Bureaucrats, Sidekicks, Wise Old Men, Hardboiled Detectives, Tough Coaches, Swooning Ladies.”

For this assignment I wanted to do princesses! (More specifically ordinary women who became princesses) I have 5 clips from 5 different movies, I plan to take one second of each clip to make my 5 second video. There is a little part in each of these videos that shows almost a transition into princess life, this is the part I want to capture. I think the hardest part will be choosing only one second of each clip, I love them all so much!! ( I may switch the last clip to be an animated one as well, but I haven’t decided! I really like that scene in the Princess Diaries.)

I think my favorite example of this assignment was “Minions with an F in Evil” It made me laugh and It was put together really well! Also I thought the archetype was unique!

Song Visualization:

“Pick a song (or a minute from a song) and create a video that displays a picture representing the lyrics. Feel free to make it silly or stick with the theme of the song.”

For this assignment, I want to do Manic Monday by The Bangles! I love this song and I HATE Mondays. I have gathered a good amount of pictures to use for this assignment and the mp3 file of the song has been in my iTunes for years! I may or may not use all of them, depending on the timing. Also, I plan to do the first half of the song. (All of my photos came from Flickr.)

I love the song visualization example of Train’s song Drive By! It was really funny to see the chosen pictures for these lyrics! I loved the pictures of the different cities and the picture of a drive by with an X over it! Also the timing of the picture is PERFECT! This was a top notch video for this assignment in my opinion :)


vacation kiss

Kissed By The Sun - (HDR Venice, Italy)


Unmade Bed

Monday again :(

Small church

Train we caught


Huge Master Walkin Closet

Day 243 Can you tell I hate Monday?

No Love Mondays

Dear Monday:

I Hate Mondays

I Hate Mondays!

Angry boss

Silhouette woman run under blue sky with clouds



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