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Ahh, feels good to be back in the swing of things. Week 10 of my last fall semester at Mary Wash. Crazy. Bittersweet. What am I going to do with my life? I guess I’ll figure that out soon enough. Anywaysss, this week in DS106 we are getting into video assignments. I love analyzing video. It comes pretty easily. But making video, that will be a challenge, I’m sure. Especially with my perfectionist habits.

Tools for the Trade

In combing through my applications on my Mac, it appears that I have:

  1. iMovie, which I have zero experience with. I have never used it, or even looked at it.
  2. MPEG StreamClip, which I have used once for the GIF project we did earlier in the semester.
  3. Screen-cast-0-matic, which I have never used either, but figured it might come in handy for recording video off the internet and saving it in a MP4 file. (I’ll let you know how this goes)

3 Time Viewing of a Scene from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Here is the post for this assignment. Like I said, I like analyzing film, so I got pretty into this part of this week’s work. I learned a bit from Ebert’s essay, but I took a film art class in high school, so most of my knowledge of film comes from there. I utilized a lot of the vocabulary and terms I learned from my high school class. But Ebert said has interesting and valid points; I don’t think I looked at the different angles of film as creating an illusion for the figure in question. I can see the art behing film making more so than prior to reading Ebert’s essay. And as you will see, if you read this post, I talk about the different aspects of film art (lighting, camera techniques, setting, etc) that feed into this notion.

Even MORE On Mr. Smith…

Here is the post for more fun facts, a montage of two scenes from the movie, and talking about the genre of the movie. For some reason that is beyond me, the video for this post won’t embed. I think I am doing everything correctly. I am posting the web URL, with no link, on its very own line, but it still won’t embed. I don’t get it. I thought maybe I was using the wrong URL, but I tried using a different one, and that didn’t work either. So, here is the montage, embedded (since it refuses to in my other post):

And that post also won’t put a space between my two headings (Genre, and A Montage of Sorts), which is also extremely irritating. Overall, this part of the week was extremely irritating and gave me a lot of hassle. The demo video didn’t correctly tell me how to change the aspect ratio. I finally figured it out, however, the aspect ratios could not be made to be exactly the same, because one video clip that I snagged from YouTube had black sidebars, and the other did not. So, that’s the best I could do. Maybe there are editing tools that would allow me to crop out the black bars on the sides, but I was far too exasperated with this montage by the time I got to that point. If anyone knows, I’d love feedback. Enjoy.

Vigeo Assignments Soon to Come

I think I would like to do the video assignments “Joining the Conversation” and “Watching Movies With the Stereo On.”

For “Joining the Conversation” I am going to need to find a clip of movie of two actors talking to each other (I am thinking this Ocean’s Twelve scene), edit out the audio of the person who’s voice I want to replace (Brad Pitt’s), and add in my own voice and dialogue, which I want to keep a secret, but it will be comedic.

For “Watching Movies With the Stereo On,” I will need a clip from a movie (Cool Hand Luke, 4:40, when he eats 50 eggs) and edit a song over it. I haven’t figured out what song yet. But it will come to me. And it will be punny.

Duh Daily Cre8

1. The Big Bad Storm

The Big Storm

  • This is a picture I took of the storm on Monday or Tuesday? I like it because it’s dark and mysterious–like how the storm was. I watched a lot of movies; we didn’t lose any power (clearly, from the lamp post that’s on in the picture).
2. How Old Am I?
  • 21 years old isn’t old at all, I guess, but lately I’ve been feeling like an old lady–going to bed early, waking up early. Maybe it’s all the exercise I get practicing with the swim team, but I looked at these dried up roses that I keep in my bathroom as a decoration, and I thought ‘I feel you, roses.’



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