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Video Editing Tools

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The video tools I have available are the Windows Movie Maker and MPEG StreamClip. At first I couldn’t think of any experience that I had with Movie Maker but then I remembered doing a project in 8th grade where we wrote and paper and made a version version of it using the Movie Maker program. I don’t remember very much about the process at all, but if I could figure it out then, hopefully I can figure it out now that I’m in college. I remember adding different transitions between the slides and fiddling around with that and also adding text to the slides, changing fonts, sizes, and shapes. However, with the MPEG StreamClip I have a little more recent experience with this. I used this program to create my two animated GIFs from the first few weeks of this class. However, I don’t remember much of how to use it so I’m glad there’s a new tutorial on how to use it. Thank goodness!

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